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Priest #257 [3 sizes] click for details
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A Priest A man of God, a devoted Priest Sent here to lead us in Jesus' feast He always prays with faith and awe, We cannot doubt that God hears his call. A Priest who is loyal, humble and true, A man who takes time and listens to you With an open mind, allows you to talk, Knowing with God, you too may walk. When a Priest like this you are able to find, You will know that our God has been most kind. He has sent you a leader, His way to show, Inspiring this Priest, His truth to know. Like Jesus, a companion he can feel, A Priest whose purpose it is to heal. To teach of God's Spirit alive today, May God bless him and show him the way. #257

Available in 3 sizes, 4 frame choices
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24.99   SALE   $19.99  Save 5.00 and FREE Shipping
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FAQ [Frequently Asked Questions]

Is the Personalization part the blessing or on the mat? Personalization is part of the blessing itself so it fits like a glove.
Does the Personalization match the blessing or does it look out of place? exact match on all except [#160 and #281]
How many days longer will it take than non personalization? All our Blessings are made to order Same day fast!
What size, price choices do I have? 3 sizes, [small 19.99] [medium 31.99] [large 39.99]
What frame choices do I have? 4 Highest quality [click here]
Is it a great value? Highest
How is the quality? Highest [We are in 250 of the best Specialty Shops in North America]
Is it SHIPPED FREE? Yes, saving you between $4.00 and $7.00
Is there a FREE GIFT? Yes, $3.99 value
How is the customer service? Just look at the responses we get! [click here]

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