62 more customer notes from the past 2 years ALL are appreciated and they ALL bring a smile and make my day. Thanks to all, Bill

+ It is beautiful, thank you. ms carol k 06475 CT ~ Friday, March 4, 2011

+ Thanks! Theresa G meadow lakes trail ~ Sun, 13 Feb 2011

+ A thousand thanks sweet william, i have order off your site, and under ther "In Memory". i would love it to say My Beloved Martin" so many blessings to you andyours , the kindness of strangers never ceaeses to amaze me. God Bless you and yours, I will semd prayers your way with love in Christ kim Saturday, February 12, 2011

+ Ok, thank you! Cheryl H ~ Saturday, January 29, 2011

+ Happy New Year Bill!  Just wanted to say thank you for sending the beautiful irish plaque back so quickly.  I really love it with the silver frame.  It was a gift for my future (Irish) son-in-law and he loved it also.  I will definitely be using your website for future gifts.  Not only do you have a nice selection, but the service is outstanding!  Wishing you a happy, healthy new year!! Catherine Wolff Fri, Dec 17, 2010

+ Thanks for the very timely shipping! It was much appreciated. :D -Guy Wed, Dec 15, 2010

+ oh thank you sooo much.  I will try to get that back later today or tomorrow.  You're the best! Fri, Dec 17, 2010

+ You are the greatest.  I am so glad we got a chance to talk. Nov 11/06/10

+ Bill I had a look and it is great, your have a great gift.. 10/30/10

+ We all thank you so very much for taking the time & gifting us w/the ‘Bobby cards’ and using your skills.  10/29/10

+ "Bill - thanks again. Fantastic poem, and just great to see it professionally done. 10/11/10

+ "Bill - you're a class act. Thank you so much. Got the copies by email also; they are fantastic.
Really, really appreciated."

+ Bill – I am so, so grateful and so moved. To say I’m moved to tears would be an understatement - but good tears. I guess everyone’s mum is special. That first poem, in particular, superimposed on Mum’s photo, is just so beautiful and so accurate. Gosh, that must have been so so tough when you lost your Dad. Losing my mum now, when I’m 40 and she’s 81, is a real loss. I can’t imagine what you went through. I’m going to assume you’re 2nd cousin, proof not required J I will be catching up with things during the week, looking forward to getting back online more and seeing more of you. Thank you kindly Bill, very deeply appreciated. You’re a great guy, and a great friend to have. All the best Sean

+ Bill, Thank you so much, the gift arrived in time for me to present it to him on his actual birthday. He was very touched by it, thank you again. Teresa F 5 Oct 2010

+ You are welcome, she was just ecstatic and very happy inside. I can’t thank you enough since I couldn’t be with her. I will shop with you again. Have a great evening !

+ Bill, Oh my goodness she absolutely loved it. It must be beautiful thank you soo much!!

+ Bill, OH my goodness thank you so much she loves Ireland and just bought a new home. Thank you so much it looks like it will be gorgeous I will let you know what she says on Monday! Patricia Wednesday, September 15, 2010

+ Thank you so much for working hard to get the plaque out to me.  It was absolutly breathtaking.  The family was very touched and it was a great tribute to my Friend Eric.

+ Your diligence in handeling this situation was a breath of fresh air! I can't tell you how nice it is to deal with a compasionate person in this matter.  I can only assure you that even though the overnight thing did not work out as planned, I will, without a doubt be using your services again in the future.  And Have already passed along admirers of your work to your website.  Thanks again for everything! Becky B 07/07/10

+ Bill you do great work!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!! Beautiful Thank you so much!!!!!! Colleen L 05/01/10

+ THAT IS PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much...you're the best! Your Blessings are so beautiful and have "saved" me many times, by giving a gift so special and so unique. Mary April 29, 2010

+ Good work Bill. Bryn G

+ Thanks Bill ........ James Hayes MBA 04/28/10

+ "awwww...thanks Bill!" Laura M Apr 04/24/10

Bill I love your gifts on your website, there is definitely something for everyone. The golfing ones are great. Posted by Imelda M 04/24/10

+ "Thank you Bill for sending me this for my cousin Peter O'Donnell. He will be missed.I will share with the family. Thanks again" John Duffy Apr 04/23/10

+ "Bill I love that you did this!  It means more than you know!  Thank-you so much. Laney D 04/20/10

+ Bill I don't know if you saw how I raved about your work in the pub here at Mise and also over a pintbut I LOVE it!!!! and so does Steve (my husband) I am ready to get those business cards now how do we order them? BILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BILL!!!!!
I just got home and Steve handed me the package from you! Its BEAUTIFUL!! The Irish blessing on Family! I LOVE IT!! He does too its right beside me staring back at me. Youdo GREAT work and Thank You again!!

+ Bill with your gift and the internet you'd make a decent livin...not a millionaire...( i'll have that one cornered) but a decent one.....Sure i'll vouch for ye......... Posted by joe b 03/26/10

+ Oh Bill we absolutely love that! I just made it my desk background, Beautiful work as always!!!
Posted by Elaine A. D 03/17/10

+ I have to give Bill O'Sullivan a special mention. He just sent me a lovely surprise. For which I am genuinely grateful. http://www.irish-gifts-blessings.com/images/I_588-BIRTHDAY-PERS.jpg
Bill - Thank You!
Posted by Sean O'Sullivan 03/16/10

+ I went to this site.... It is one of the best I have seen on the net,,, So if you friends far away and would like to send them a reminder of Ireland this is the place to go... http://www.irishb.com Posted by James Hayes MBA 03/06/10

+ HaHaHa!   Too funny : ))  Looking forward to my order!  It's for my dad as his present for being the "father of the bride"!!!  Very special service you provide - thanks!! Jennifer S. Friday, March 5, 2010

+ Hello Bill, Yours is a heart-warm-breaking story, and as you have known, there is always those others harder hit. I will be looking out for them as I move ahead in my days. Thank you for sharing a piece of your life here. I will try hard to make sure those in my life know about your work here.Warm regards, J. Brian H 3/03/2010

+ Bill that is absolutly  lovely my wife fell in love with it...thank you very very much. Regards,
 Joe Bollard.
28 February 2010

+ Hi Bill, Thank you so much for taking care of the broken glass problem on our ordered item. We received the second one in perfect condition, and we absolutely love it! The Irish Wedding Blessing is such a unique gift. Our son and future daughter-in-law love the claddagh, so I am sure that they will really appreciate this gift. 

Again, thank you so much for such great personal service! Most sincerely, Kathleen TJan 01/28/10

+ Dear Bill, Thank you so much for your compassion. I didn't expect such a personal response, it is refreshing to know that companies such as yours have a human side. Fondest regards, Kelli 01/11/10

+ Bill, Thank you so much for your kind response.  I will definitely visit your site again in the future.  I will return the items at my expense but thank you for your offer.  I've been out of town and thus the delay in my response. Best wishes for a wonderful Christmas. Regards, Christine C Dec 4, 2009

+ Thanks so much, Bill...you made my "special people" gift giving so much easier with your beautiful Blessings!! Merry Christmas. Mary Quinn 12/18/09

+ Great speaking with you yesterday, Bill.  Just opened up this email--glad I checked my "spam" folder because it come into the spam site.  Don't know why. I look forward to receiving our framed work and I am very sure my daughter and son-in-law will love it. Many holiday blessings and joy! Sincerely- Donna D 12/17/09

+ Thanks Bill, that's great customer service. I've ordered a few things from you in the past and I'm sure I'll be getting more stuff.  Joe Wed, Dec 16, 2009

+ Hi Bill, Yes, the Irish prayer "God looked around his garden" was exactly the right thing to read at the memorial and it was comforting to everyone. Can't wait to see the plaque and thank you so much for your kind words. You are a special person! Regards, Mary 12/12/09

+ Bill, Finally received your phone message...thank you so very much. The  Blessing looks so beautiful, and what a generous thing to do!! I was at a loss about what to send these wonderful people this Christmas...they were our next door neighbors 25 years ago (quite the coincidence-having the same last name and not related!), and then I thought of your precious Blessings and the fabulous artistry you put into each one. I want you to know I have a few more that I intend to send this Christmas in the next few days. So, you'll be hearing from me again. Thanks for what you do...and a Merry Christmas to you and yours! With great appreciation, Mary Quinn 12/08/09

+ Hi Bill, My Irish Blessing arrived the other day. I am very pleased with everything. Thank you. -Kevin 12/06/09

+ Thank You so much!!! Thank you again for doing these for me, I love them and so will they! Best Wishes, Leah Petro 10/05/09

+ The plaque arrived! The other 11 Sisters in my Convent are amazed and impressed!

Hopefully, I've drummed up business for you. THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU, BILL!

S Barbara Lynch,csj Sat. Oct.3

+ Thank you!  I have been searching everywhere for this saying!  I saw it once at an Irish Festival 2 years ago and haven't been able to find it since!  You made my day yesterday! Thu, 1 Oct 2009

    + thanks so much! mary Tue, 15 Sep 2009

+ hi Bill, That looks fantastic! well impressed, but i was just wondering is the irish blessing going to be on it as well underneath the art work? If that could be done, it would be perfect. Really great products though, I'm sure with all the weddings that are happening I will be ordering some more :o) Hope your business is going well for ya! I'll spread the word for you with my friends Kind regards David Thu, 17 Sep 2009

+ Bill, it was good talking to you, thanks for your help with my order. Randy G 08/28/09

+ Thanks so much, Bill, for your quick and kind response and for getting the plaque out so quickly. Regards. Patrice H. VP & Head of Global Equality, Diversity & Inclusion 07/27/09

+ thankyou, i will try them both, also, i have been reading your bereavement plaques, i lost my husband last year on july 4th, he was 36 yrs old, im sitting here in amazement at how beautiful you have written these up, i would like to purchase for mine/his family members as gifts at holiday time,  and i would like one for myself as soon as i find the right one, although they all look right, me and the kids are moving out of the home we shared at the end of next week and i would like to have something ordered by than, if you can suggest anything, as there are so many of them!!!!!! Kelly D 06/19/09

+ Mr. Sullivan, My Sister called me tonight and said the package arrived already!  Wow, that was incredibly fast.......Thank you!  And she opened it and said that it looked super!  I can't wait to see it next week myself!  Thank you again for such super work and done so quick!  I'm sure that you work will help to my our Parents anniversary even more memorable! I will call on you again, Pat 06/17/09

+ Thank You Bill!  I will shop again AND tell all the hundreds of Irishmen in my clan about your website! Pat O'B Jun 15, 2009

+ You have been a blessing. It has been so hard being in Tucson with Janet in New York. The funeral Mass was this morning. Janet called me in a panic early yesterday morning and asked me to type her Eulogy while she was at her Mom's wake. She could'nt format it on her computer and needed help and was just so sad. This is when I discovered, after 30 years of knowing them, I had the name wrong. Sheila was a nickname and even then I had the i and e turned around.

I will remember you and will also pass your name on to my sisters, and friends. Your have been great. I will be in touch later this week. My husband is a firefighter and I did see a beautiful gift for the boys to give him for Father's Day. Off now on many errands. Best regards, Kelley

+ I received The Irish Wedding  Blessing today and could not imagine anything so beautiful. I only ordered it Wednesday and received it today Saturday. I have never seen a web site as spectacular as yours. I bought this as a little extra gift to give to my cousin who is getting married next month. She lost her father and I felt I wanted to give her something a little special. This plaque will do more than words could ever say.  You should be proud of all the work you do to make others smile. I will certainly will be back to order more. Thank you again for this very special and beautiful personalized plaque.    Laura--New York 05/24/09

+ You are so nice to have mailed it already. I can't thank you enough. Thank you again. Thank you for getting it out so quickly, Kelley Sat, 23 May 2009

+ Recieved the placque today thank you it is beautiful thanks for getting it out to us so quickly we love it. susie h. Wed, 20 May 2009

+ Thank you so much. Laura V 05/20/09

+ Thanks a bunch Bill!!! Will let you know when they are received :) Barb 05/06/09

+ Bill, thank you so much for your wonderful offer to include the card...next time I order, (and I will be reordering!!), I will get it right, and order the correct way!

By providing such beautiful greetings and plaques, God must look lovingly on you and your family. I read your story and was touched. My husband's family has suffered greatly from MS. There is no less than 5 within the immediate family who have MS. My  husband was diagnosed 2 years ago at the age of 58. I think I was directed by a higher power to find your site. God bless you! And, thank you. Mary Quinn 05/03/09

+ Thank you so much! I have previously ordered from you and received high compliments from the recipient. This is so much nicer than ordering flowers for a funeral and cheaper!!!! Thank you so much!!! Jonelm 03/25/09

+ Hi Bill, I wanted to thank you for the wonderful framed Irish Blessings and Irish
Maps that you've done for us and our children and grandchildren. They are
really fantastic and wonderful quality. Also, thank you very much for your
prompt follow through on replacing the one frame that had a crack in it. The
replacement was perfect as were the rest of the items we received. I and my
family will continue to purchase Irish Blessings from you in the years to
come and refer our friends to your site. Thank you again very much. Patrick
R Kennedy WA.