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1. About us:

Hi please allow us to introduce ourselves, we are Bill & Cathy  Sullivan.

Bill & Cathy Sullivan 

We have been blessed with a great family! I have been married 37 years to the love of my life the woman of my dreams, Cathy. She mats and frames the Blessings I create, our Daughters Laura and Kayla help us.

Kayla is a budding artist with a keen eye for photography [took these photos].

Laura cuts all the mats for them and assists in many ways.

        Ethan my youngest Grand son and "Angel" our vigilant watch dog.


I started creating and selling Irish Blessings in 1989 after I had to leave my regular job in 1986 because of Multiple Sclerosis. I had several friends give me some things to keep me busy with plants and flower presses, well one thing lead to another and before long a little company was born that supplies Irish and Religious retailers with Irish Blessings. Now we are in the finest Irish retailers all over the US and Canada.

Well, not wanting to stop there I decided that there should be a way for everyone to have Irish Blessings even if they do not live near an Irish Store. So I started the web site and have always offered FREE SHIPPING so that you would know exactly what you are going to pay.

I really love creating Irish Blessings for you, knowing that the gifts we create make you the giver and the receiver happy.  I believe that every gift we create should have the highest quality at modest price.

Blessings to you and yours !!!

2. Contact us:

Bill Sullivan

PO Box 501

East Falmouth, MA 02536-0501

phone: 1-508-299-3015

fax: 508-548-0013

3. Guarantees:

I personally guarantee that you will be satisfied or your money back. Just return the item to us [I shipped it to you for free] and I will gladly issue you a credit on your credit card. NO UNHAPPY CUSTOMERS EVER...[Life is too short and who needs the headaches]

4. Shipping:

Free shipping to anywhere in the USA. Please email me for a postage quote outside the US. We ship via US PRIORITY Mail for most packages which should have your gifts to you within 3 days [most will arrive sooner depending on how close you are to Boston MA].  ALL 50 states are included. There are other shipping options available to you. EXPRESS MAIL [for an additional fee] is overnight 6 days a week. and UPS has 2 day and 1 day shipping [for an additional fee.] Any questions, just email me or call me, I always have time to help. Phone 1*508-299-3015.

5. Privacy Policy:

All of your information is safe and secure with us. I send out an email once per month, there is always a way to opt out forever. I never will sell your email addresses or any other information [I spend my time helping people].


Create a perfect gift in under 2 minutes, or take your time. Irish Blessings is open 24 hours, 7 days a week. I ship US Post Office Priority Mail 2-3 days  Monday - Saturday.

No leaving the house, wasting your money on gasoline, driving to the store [if they are open when you have time], finding a parking space, fighting the crowds, sorting through items no one else wanted, picking something out that you have to convince yourself they will "love", carrying it to the checkout line, waiting in line, driving back home......OK so I'm exaggerating but you know what I am talking about!

Come on in and I will help you create the perfect Irish Blessing for you to give! It is really easy and fun and you will enjoy watching the smiles you create when they open your present that you created.

By giving you choices of 300 Blessings [divided into 38+ groups], 3 Prices [Sizes] and 4 Frame choices. If you want I will even deliver it for you!




Market to your clients with Email - 60 Day Free Trial Bill Sullivan 508-299-3015 PO Box 501 East Falmouth MA 02536